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Control of oil temperature of gearbox in diesel generator set

The diesel generator gear box oil temperature control, the diesel generator gearbox casing is equipped with the PT100 temperature sensor. Before operation, and ensure the gear oil temperature is higher than 0 ℃ (set) according to the requirement of the lubricating oil, otherwise the heat to 10 ℃ to run again. During normal operation, the lubricating oil pump is always working, and the gear and bearing are forced to jet lubrication. When the oil temperature is higher than 60 ° C, the oil cooling system starting, oil was sent to the heat exchanger outside the gear box natural air-cooled or water-cooled. When the oil temperature is below 45 ℃, the cooling oil circuit cut off, stop the cooling.
At present, large wind turbine gearboxes are equipped with forced lubricating cooling system and heater. But the oil temperature heater and the external cooling system are not indispensable. For example, southern China, such as the coastal areas of guangdong province, the temperature rarely lower than 0 ℃, can need not consider heater. For some areas with low temperature, there is no need to set up the external cooling system.
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