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Maintenance personnel need to master four methods of diesel engine speed regulat

Diesel engine governor can maintain the engine under the given speed and stable operation, automatically adjust the volume of oil supply, ensure the tractor efficient and safe operation so full text on the working principle of the governor and the governor to adjust, can make the maintenance staff to grasp a maintenance technology. The following is about the maintenance personnel to master the diesel engine speed regulation of the four methods.
1. Starting speed adjustment: when starting, it is generally required to supply more fuel to the diesel cylinder than the specified amount of oil. When the temperature of the engine increases and the speed of the engine increases gradually, it is required to automatically cut off and start the oil concentration. This requires the adjustment of high - speed starting point and low - speed starting point.
2. Full load limit screw adjustment: unscrew full load limit screw, and the fuel injection pump operating at rated speed, then put the manipulator arm, slow moving in the direction of increasing oil and oil-supplied regulating gear lever when achieving the maximum trip, stop the mobile manipulator arm, then twist full load limit screw, with the control arm of the fan stop contact.
3. Idling stable spring adjustment: because diesel engine idling operation, the governor flying block centrifugal force is very small, it cannot immediately push the oil supply adjustment gear lever to increase the oil supply direction. The function of idle speed stabilizing spring is to help adjust the sensitivity of idle speed.
4. Fuel cut-off limit screw adjustment: playing in idle speed stability after spring set, stop the pump running, then oil-supplied regulating gear lever to increase oil supply to move a distance, and then turn the manipulator arm, make oil-supplied regulating gear lever in the position of the oil supply come to a complete stop, when screwing in fuel cut-off limit screw, with operating arm shaft of the fan stop contact, finally will fuel cut-off limit screw to tighten the lock nut.
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